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Gili Air

Things To Do in Gili Air, Lombok

Gili Air is one of the three Gili Islands just off the coast of Lombok. The tiny island is surrounded by white sand, turquoise water, great underwater life, and a great location to add to your Bali Route. Gili Air is all about laid-back living, whereas Gili Trawangan is better if you prefer a good party every evening.


Before You Visit Gili Air

Before heading out to the gorgeous Gili Islands, here are a few tips and things you need to know.

  • Search for the best places to stay in Gili Air well in advance. Gili Air is a relatively small island, so hotels, resorts, and hostels fill up quickly.
  • Book a fast boat to get to Gili Air stress-free.
  • There’s not much crime on the Gili’s, but with that said, it’s always best to be prepared for unforeseen circumstances. Make sure you have travel cover to keep you and your belongings safe. World Nomads is highly recommended, and applying online couldn’t be easier.
  • It’s a good idea to carry a bit of extra cash with you.
  • There are no motorized vehicles on any of the 3 Gili islands. The only way to get around is on foot or by bike.